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For more than 21 years, Geekle has explored ways of connecting thoughs and ideas to the rest of the world. This has been done primarily on Microsoft technologies, but since the paradigm change in 2014 from said mentioned company, focus has been broaden to all sorts of open-source technologies, including but not limited to Linux, Docker and Kubernetes.

Geekle is the logical choice for small- amd medium sized companies that are in need of expert grade services as well as for the private customer seeking help with day-to-day challenges.

We can help with advice in IT; get you or your business on the Internet; develop tailor-made solutions that match your wishes; normalize and / or breathe new life into your databases; help with a security as well as health check of your IT setup; provide IT related first aid if an accident occurred; provide photography as well as printing and so much more.


For projects, a non-binding offer is given. Depending on the nature of the project, typically a minimum price and a maximum price is given. This assures you as a customer that the project does not run wild - and it secures Geekle as a supplier against unknowns.

Ad-hoc tasks are invoiced with an hourly rate of 1000 DKK + VAT that is settled per. commenced quarter.

Web and mail offerings starts from 40 DKK + VAT / monthly with an upfront payment covering 12 months. The payment is pr. solution - not per domain.

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We provide a vast array of services that might suit your needs.

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